Kasmir Fabrics + Furnishings

It's a simple premise, extraordinary products, a commitment to our customers, and a flair for design. The fabric of Kasmir Fabrics + Furnishings is woven with success and service. For almost half a century Kasmir has been a trusted international resource to the interior design community. In showrooms across the country, and from our 200,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility in Dallas, Texas, we offer one of the industry's most extensive inventories of fabric and trims. We proudly serve designers around the world from start to finish.

At Kasmir Fabrics + Furnishings service is every bit as important as product. Our service teams know how hard it is for you to do your job. We understand the industry and are there to help you every step of the way. At Kasmir we are part of your design effort from the beginning. With real-time inventory of every pattern and color at our fingertips, we can give you the products you need, when you need them. Throughout the design process we can help you select the perfect fabric, hardware and trim for your client. We can also show you comparable fabrics and furnishings that can extend the sale or lessen the time you spend looking for the additional materials you need. Then we bring your vision to reality in our custom workroom.